Team 1619 Climbing

Since the build season is coming to a close, here is a video I took a few days ago of our robot climbing the pyramid:

Not shown is our pyramid disk presenter and bumpers. :slight_smile:

Amazing climb, and that robot looks scary while on the ground.

Love the climber, and yeah, the robot looks pretty demonic.

It does look very vicious. We’ll take a vote on names in the next couple weeks from our students. The top contenders are variations involving mantis and zergs.

fastest climber released so far!

In that case, my vote is for “Queen of Blades”

Very slick system, love the styling. Is there a pyramid goal dumper to go with it?

very nice climber! I vote mantis for the name :slight_smile:

Yep, we have a disk dumper for the top of the pyramid. This was from a few days ago before we had it mounted.

Amazing looking climb!!!

Fastest and smoothest climber I’ve seen so far.

That video makes me wonder why i never thought of doing that. It seems really effective and reliable. I love the angle piece on your frame that helps you slip over those pyramid gussets. So simple yet so clever

That’s the practically the climber we had designed but we couldn’t get it to fit in the initial 54" cylinder so we went another direction and didn’t go back after the change. Great job getting this to work. Your claws like really effective which seemed like the hardest design step.

My vote on the name is either “Scyther” or “Sarah.” Nerd kudos to anyone who gets the 2nd one (despite the fact it’s already been referenced in this thread).

Deciding between a Pokemon reference and a Starcraft reference might be the toughest design decision I’ve ever heard of.

I suggest calling it “Giger” after the hook design

These are the types of difficult decisions that engineers get paid to make.


Great job guys! very clean

Name the bot Cera.(Land Before Time reference, she was a triceratops)