Team 1619 - Up-A-Creek Robotics 2016 Robot Reveal

We’ve already been on the competition field in North Arizona but we didn’t really give our video production team time to collect much footage prior to that so as we head into our local Colorado Regional, here is a preview:

Good luck to everyone travelling in the bad weather and we look forward to seeing everyone in Denver.

Good luck this weekend, you guys have an incredible robot!

That clip at the end really messed with my brain. Great video production!

I can’t believe you built five identical robots.

Wouldn’t be the first team to build that many robots during the season. I suspect it’s special effects. Pretty cool effect though.

With the speed the students were working at, must have been a lot of Mountain Dew in the shop.

As mentioned, it was special effects. There were certainly 5 robots worth of different collectors (or more) that were produced for testing and replacement of broken collectors, but only two complete robots.

I’m pretty sure this could be my favorite robot.


What I’ve loved about your robots for at least the last five years is how sturdy and elegant they are. They are always complex, no doubt, but it’s packaged so nicely. The speed of your climber (unused until the finals, I think) made everyone stop whatever they were doing and watch in amazement. Thanks for making FRC in Colorado stand out so much.

Great job at the Colorado regional! :slight_smile: You guys only lost one game ever, which we played you in. Even though 159 didn’t get picked we could pull off a win against you which is very hard:D

Thanks! We didn’t use the scaler until the finals, but when we did, it was exciting. Thank you for your compliments, and congratulations on qualifying for St. Louis!