Team 1625 2009 Robot SNUGGLES!!!


Open House:

4 Wheel Tank Drive
Power Dumper
26 Ball Capacity
2 Second Dump
Pneumatics, Pneumatics, Pneumatics!!!

Did I mention PNEUMATICS!!!

Awesome Bot!!! No Swerve Drive this year though?

Simple and effective, I like it.

Solid robot, I’m also curious as to the reason that you guys decided not to use swerve drive this year.

I was wondering the same thing. But really nice looking bot, very simple. Looks like its going to be another successful season for you guys!

So were you guys able to complete two robots this year? I’m also curious if Brent ever found the 2nd disk to WindRiver (or did you guys stick with Labview?)

I was present for the 1st week of build, and we basically deemed swerve to not be necessary, and it wouldn’t quite fit with how we wanted to organize stuff.

Also the last 3 swerves (proto,07,08) were all my babies through design development and construction, and we didnt quite have someone ready to tackle managing making one again. Though from what they’ve pulled off during the last six weeks, they probably could’ve managed it

(the name snuggles was my idea lol)

overall im pretty dang proud of the people who filled my spot

This is the simplest, most elegant solution to this year’s game i have seen so far, good job and good luck!

P.S. What type of belts did you use, where did you get them, and how do you keep them in place?

I’m not sure if we found WindRiver, but we used Labview.

We used McMaster belting found here:

To hold belts together we used the McMaster Alligator Belt Lacing Clips found here:

As for keeping the belts in place we use Exhaust Hanger Donuts similar to these:

Well, then I extend my sympathy. You know, learning a bit of C++ doesn’t hurt :p.

Nice robot; it seems to dump very fast. I can’t wait to see you guys in Atlanta!

Thanks, but we gotta win Midwest or Milwaukee first :slight_smile: lol

nice robot seems to work really well. might be a problem that you have to get so close to score though

The Open House video of Snuggles that has the link above is now available in HD, for those of you with faster internet connections (or who are on Chief Delphi at work instead of actually working, like me):

Enjoy the orangey goodness!