What’s Winnovation been up to???

(P.S. in the picture to the right that ball is stuck to our ceiling.)

This is your second teaser #1 :slight_smile:

I can’t figure out a thing from your teaser. Why would a piece of PVC pipe have a bearing in it?

The first one was labeled hint #0.


This is almost as confusing as a game hint. Are you sure you aren’t on the GDC??? :wink:

You wouldn’t be rotating a PVC pipe of some sort would you?? possibly a pvc kicker?
Note, this brings me nightmares back to when my team had PVC rollers… be sure to glue those bearings into that elbow… they have a nasty habit of falling out.

does anyone else see the 6WSD letters in the light in the right picture?

it may be my screen just being old idk…

just a thought, what could that mean?!

I see something there as well, good find. However I am unable to read it, at least without photoshop.

Could it be the elusive 6WD swerve? (6 wheel swerve drive)
It would be possible if Winnovation put the miniature swerve modules into production.