Team 1625's Rank Predictor

**Team 1625 has predicted the future…in the past when we were competing at regionals! Armed with the power of excel we looked at our Friday data and the Saturday match schedule to see where teams would be at selection time on Saturday. Now you too can harness that power or at least bask in it’s glory. Behold the ranking predictor!:ahh: :ahh: :ahh: **

This is an excel sheet(split into a few sheets here) that I developed as part of our scouting system this year. In this workbook you’ll find a copy of our raw data set from the Midwest Regional, our rank predictor sheet itself, the results generated from that sheet alongside the actual results from the event, and deviation of our predictions from reality.

Please note***

We recorded this data on Friday only.
*I do not claim to be an expert in excel, if there’s a better way to do what I’ve done here, kindly suggest it. *
*I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data provided

So with that here is the sheet. Please feel free to ask me any questions about it, my scouting methods, or anything else for that matter.

Team 1625’s Ranking Predictor with data!.xlsx (237 KB)

Team 1625’s Ranking Predictor with data!.xlsx (237 KB)

This is really cool!

That’s awesome! It’s cool to see the prediction vs. the actual. I love the addition of the deviations on the side too! A lot of the rankings seem very close to their actual ranking.

What exactly is “Tele Trunc.” supposed to measure?

This system looks really cool. I’m thinking I’m going to implement it for my team’s offseason event.

Sorry, I haven’t quite kept up on notifications.

FlamingSpork- Trunc. stands for truncated. It’s there so teams that cross the same defense (low bar especially) more than twice in a match aren’t earning points for the excessive crossings.

Also I’m creating a thread for a larger system release. (

I think that you actually did quite a good job implementing Excel functions. The SUMIF function is not one that I see used very much anymore: most people use a combination of SUM and IF which ends up being fairly convoluted so I commend you and your sparing usage of functions!

Something that you may consider implementing for the future is a sheet where you can easily look up data for a given team. If you have ever looked at the game announcer tool that sort of resembles what I am getting at. Many teams do this type of thing in their normal scouting spreadsheet so that you can easily look up a team’s stats (or in this case projected stats). Just an idea.

Thank you! SumIf is great for sorting data by team number in my experience.

We did most of our decision making out of tableau, and that’s where we have pages to directly compare teams. You can check those out on my new thread, I’m hoping to consolidate conversation there.

Depending on future games, a lookup page may be something I suggest to students, thank you for your input