Team 1626 in need of pool noodles

Team 1626 is wondering if any teams in our area have any spare pool noodles. We can’t seem to find any in stores and are in need of about 4 of them to repair our bumpers.
If anyone has any that they are willing to give up please let us know.

Team 2016 has a big box of pool noodles. PM me and we can figure out how we can get a couple to you :slight_smile:

2702 got all of ours from pool supply stores, try them out. They usually keep them in stock year-round.

Did you try Leslie Pools, in Greenbrook?

We bought our from Sahara Pools in Lebanon, NJ, about 20 minutes west of you.

To our friends at 1626,

I think we may have a few sitting around, but I
am almost positive that we have access to many
more at a local store.
I will check it out this weekend, and get a message
back to you guys.

Note: I’m not sure when you guys are getting to Annapolis,
but we will be there about midday Wednesday. If we are able to get
the pool noodles, you could have them as early as then if needed.


Thanks, but we should be getting some from 2016, that is if we get a response to the email we sent.
We should have team members down late Wednesday evening, due to leaving after school hours. (around 3pm) If you can bring a couple just in case that would be great.

See you guys there.

Just bribe the lifeguards at your local YMCA.

Hehe, very suited for FIRST and its philosophies :wink: