Team 1629 (GaCo) providing a ramp assist to team 3010

We knew all that ramp design work we did in Rack 'n Roll would come in handy again. This video shows us putting it to work at Buckeye Regional.

We’ll be looking for a few good climbers in Archimedes.


We had thought of a similar design in the first few days of the build season. We ended up not going with it because we figured we could not fully anticipate how other robots would best be able to go up the ramp. We also reasoned that we could just as easily score another 2 balls in the 20 seconds for the end game.

Great job though! I’m excited to see that this idea really works! Also realize that you could earn up to 4 points by having an elevated robot on the tower platform and another elevated robot on top of your tracks (so long as it is also touching the tower) without either robot having hanging capabilities. I’d also be interested to see if any robots could go up the ramp and use it to make hanging easier. Good luck in Atlanta! Out of curiosity, how many times has this actually worked?

sigh this makes me wish the video of us climbing kilroy was up on tba or somewhere :frowning:

I think ramp bots have worked twice? When we climbed Kilroy week 3 and this one here I guess… glad to see another rampbot success :smiley:

We were hoping that we would have a match with you guys at the Buckeye Regional just so we could climb onto the platform using your ramp. Hopefully we get to do it in Archi!

This was at Buckeye, where we had a robot successfully climb us at least twice.
The were several other rampbots on the field that weekend and several other successful climbs.
I think we’ll all see some great climbing in Atlanta – bring your video camera.

It’s worked out several times. Phil may know how many exactly.

That was fun to watch. Really fun!