Team 1629 GaCo's Test Bot On Field

These are videos of our test bot on a full sized field. The videos are taken from different angles.

Video Of Robot from Side

View From Robot to Trailer

View From Trailer to Robot

The Robot actually turns better than I expected.

Wow, looks like you are getting great traction and great handling.

Have you really geared everything to limit your drive torque?

Great video, that answers a lot of questions we had. Thanks for posting!

I think our programmer just limited the power output to the motors. As far as I know we have the standard kit Andy Mark Tough Boxes on that test bot.

That’s really good! Does this mean your team won’t be going with the brilliant 4 wheel steering system you had last year?

We really arent sure yet… I guess everyone (including me) will have to wait and see.

is this on the regolith field?

wow… are you guys planning on having any kind of ball capture?

Nice driving! We won’t know until competition but I don’t envision most teams moving faster than that around the field this year or they’ll quickly find themselves crashing into the boards like a bad hockey player.

This was on the “regolith” field. While we do plan on some sort of system to handle the balls, but we have not yet made a final design decisions on this system or the drive system.

Notice they have the wide chassis setup as well. Easier to turn and maneuver as a lot of people have stated. It seems like you guys have more control than I thought the regolith would allow, so that’s good. Thanks for posting the video.

how much did the field cost?(just the regolith)

I heard something like $1200… We are just helping to keep Home Depot from going Bankrupt :smiley: .

Nice! How are you limiting your power? Is it a simple never exceed X% of power, or is there some sort of feedback loop?

wow:yikes: you should let teams come use your field

This is a prototype to test out the field conditions…This is NOT their complete robot.

A couple questions:

Does this thing weigh the full 120+bumpers/battery?
Did you have any feedback to determine when you are slipping or did you just limit your acceleration?
Is it as easy to control as it looks?
Any problems you’ve run into?

That appears to be the general consensus. Most people apparently overestimated the lack of friction, including us. I still agree that most people probably won’t be going too much faster than that.

The Bot did not weigh anywhere close to 120 pounds. My best guess would be not more than 60 lbs. We only limited the acceleration by hand (slowly moving the joystick). It was also fairly easy to control, once you get used to the fact that you can’t let the wheels spin and that you have to go easy on the joystick. One problem was that you cant just let go of the joystick to stop. If you do this you will slide. You have to slowly decrease the power just like you were accelerating from a stop. A steady and gentle hand is definitely a good thing. Also let the trailer help you turn. This comes naturally after a 30 minutes or so or practice.