Team 1629

there’s the link for our robot as of today,
this is our first try
what do ya think?


Had to dig through broken embedding code, but it looks nice. Very low riding. How do you get the ball off the overpass?

:eek: Awesomeness, how does it load the ball into the shooter?

yea, i just changed it to a link

speedie:cool: Not bad at all. how well does it pick up?

yea, i just changed it to a link
: P

there’s a scoop on the back that picks it up,
and we cant get it off the overpass…

Very, very nice! Excellent hurdling from a good distance, and your drive train looks pretty speedy as well.

Great job!

where is the flag going?

The flag will go near the front, testing today showed that we have no problem hurdling with the flag in front.

Also, as a correction, we can get a ball off the overpass providing there is already a ball on the ground; otherwise, it’s all hopes and dreams that one gets knocked down…

Stay tuned for more videos.

I look forward to seeing you all at the Chesapeake Regional in a couple of weeks! If we are on your alliance, we will be happy to knock it down for you!

Best regards,