Team 1635 website

Team 1635 humbly presents a whole new website :smiley: Come and check it out at . We welcome any comment/suggestion/criticism/help.

Thanks in advance

Load time is a bit long on 56K. Otherwise, love it. Great layout, great look.

Looks like a great site with lots of content! The only suggestions I have would be to make the site look less CMSish (especially if you want to win an award) and to make your site W3C Compliant (

Thanks for all the comments. I have been trying to compress some graphics and make the site W3C Compliant, but the validator seems to have some troubles with Flash filesโ€™ attributes, does anyone know why and how I can solve them?

Have you tried recommendations such as these?

Thank you so much, TechnocratiK. My home page is finally validated :smiley: ! Although there are some minor errors in some sub-pages that need to be fixed, most of the site is now W3 compliant!

Again, THANK YOU!!!

Our website is now 95% completed. Please come back to check it out and give us some feedbacks. I warmly embrace both :slight_smile: and :mad: