Team 1646 Geico Spoof
Check it out and tell me what you think
Guy with hat- Michael Diaz
Guy with white t-shirt- Herminio Garcia
Guy with brown hair- Adam Wilki
Editing and Filming by Ryan Dognaux

lol wow Great job with the song and everything.

i wonder if that number works…:rolleyes:

It got me and my brother almost laughing on the floor, “the whole thing is so non-sequitur.” One thing you might want to try is re-film the last part with, “Thats the fun you could be having with FIRST” and use that for general publicity.

You guys just made my day! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sweet video!

  • Austin

Thanks Michael for posting the video. We decided to make this over the weekend and had a lot of fun while doing it. Look for more videos soon!