Team 1646 needs your help for the 2005 IRI Turnaround Round (Mentors/Adults)

Our team has a bit of a problem for IRI.

The Turnaround round states that you need a drive team of 3 people who are over age 21 and were not drivers or human players in high school. Because of that rule, nobody on my team is eligible for the round.

So I’m doing a little open recruiting to get us a drive team.

Gary Dillard from SPAM has volunteered (well in reality I bugged him to do it) so it looks like I need 2 more adults who will be at IRI that meet all of the qualifications. If you are going to be at IRI and would like to be on our drive team for the round, please let me know ASAP.

Oh Id prefer adults who aren’t there with their team, who are just watching or volunteering. Let me know anyway, and thanks in advance!

Team 25 also has that same exact problem.
We will have no mentors fitting those guidelines with us. If you are interested in any of the three positions, send me a PM asap. Ill get back to you all at some point on wednesday night.

Anyone is prefered.

Maybe parents?

I figured that, but im looking for individuals to volunteer right now so I dont have to resort to that at the very last minute.


I have only driven a robot… twice, I think. Never in a match.
I was not a human player, nor a driver… but I was a darn good cheerleader. :slight_smile:

So… while I can’t exactly be the dream driver of your team, I can volunteer to be a driver, and rock your players station out that much more.

… but since more than one team posted in this thread, should I just say the first person to ask me, I’ll do it for their team?

/edit: I have been hired by 1646 approx. four and a half seconds after I posted. Get ready to have your socks rocked off.


Looks like we might have our 3…we’ll see for sure tomorrow

Can I be a field coach by cell phone? You can describe to me what’s happening and I’ll tell you what to do. :smiley:

The Beachbots will have about 5 or 6 eligible adults. Three of whom will be needed for our own drive team. I can’t speak for the others at this point, and quite frankly I’d rather drive our robot. But if your teams still need help on Friday, feel free to come by our pit and ask!