Team 1647: Iron Devils Update

Ok everyone,

After having to take down our ideas because of leaking issues, the team gave me the go ahead to post a quick video of our lift for the ball rebound we created.](

Click the picture above for a short video!

Also, here’s the “guts” of the robot.

That’s all we can show as of now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks very nice. Best of luck!

Thank You! Same to you and yours!

So I see safety glasses - except on the two closest to the robot! And one’s a mentor? ::safety:: ::ouch::

I thought it was illegal to control the action of a ball by an active mechanism above the bumper zone. Is this not an active mechanism?

If the mechanism is not moving when it contacts the ball then it is not considered an active mechanism.

See Team Update #2

Watch the video and suddenly they also appear on the guy in the black sweater and blue jeans. Magic safety glasses perhaps?

Haha sorry about that guys. All of my peers were winding down after a long day and we totally forgot. Just a quick new update…

Got Space??

Just a question, and I am aware that it has been mentioned before, in accordance to the rule book, does the idea you have for the folding mechanism break the ball control rules (It’s above the bumper zone, can be considered moving)? I understand that it is a mechanism that is not powered or has any influence by the robot (besides it moving), but it can move/flex and do you think first would considered it moving when in contact with the ball? But anyway, good luck with the rest of your build season, and how are those solenoids doing?

-Tom H

P.S., And I though our electronics board was tight.

We considered the ambiguity of the rule on what is or isn’t an active mechanism and came up with this:

Active BALL control - ROBOTS may not control BALL direction with active MECHANISMS above the BUMPER. Violation: PENALTY.
MECHANISMS are considered “active” if they are in motion relative to the ROBOT while in contact with the BALL. Resetting or moving MECHANISMS while not in contact with a BALL is permitted as the MECHANISMS are not considered “active.”

ROBOTS must be designed so that in normal operation BALLS cannot extend more than 3 inches inside
a) the FRAME PERIMETER below the level of the BUMPER ZONE (see Figure 8-5),
b) a MECHANISM or feature designed or used to deflect BALLS in a controlled manner that is above the level of the BUMPER ZONE.

We put the team “lawyers” on this one and we feel as though we are within the constraints established by FIRST

Best of luck with your team as well Tom, perhaps we’ll see you all in Atlanta

I understand more of you position regarding this mechanism. After making that clear, I believe that your mechanism does not break any rules. It will be up to FIRST though to decide wheither it is legal or not, but with your “lawyers” on your side, I think they will not have a problem with it.

Best of luck to you guys too, and who knows, anything can happen!

The GDC appears to agree with your “lawyers” (although they’d probably prefer you not to have them on retainer):

Our Final Robot With The Ball Rebound Up!