Team 1648 presents: DJenga Unchained

FRC Team 1648 presents our 2015 robot: Djenga Unchained

Link to Reveal Video

DJenga Unchained features:

  • 8 wheel west coast drive with corner omnis, geared at 10 FPS
  • Elevator powered by a 2-CIM toughbox running at 8.45:1 overall reduction
  • 1075 Spring Steel “Latches” used to pick up and stack totes.
  • Roller Intake running off BAG motors with 25:1 reduction.

DJenga Unchained is designed to break the landfill apart and acquire totes from the landfill area, a great complement to the Human Player fed robots we’ve seen unveiled already.

DJenga Unchained will be competing at the following events:

2015 Georgia Southern Classic Regional, 2/28 - 3/2

2015 Peachtree Regional, 3/26-3/28

See you at the competition.

Bonus picture

Lovely powdercoat on this robot.

Great looking robot !

Do you have a link to these latches ?

They are spring steel from McMaster cut and drilled then bent on a sheet metal break.