Team 1648 Presents: Dragon Queen

FRC Team 1648, G3 Robotics, is proud to present our 2016 robot: Dragon Queen.


[li]Drivetrain[LIST][/li][li]4 CIM single speed drivetrain[/li][li]Geared at 12.97 fps[/li][li]10 Wheel drive, with 6" Colson wheels to easily cross defenses[/li][li]Can cross 7 of the 9 defenses[/li][/ul]
[li]Intake[ul][/li][li]Pneumatic actuating intake designed to auto-align with the low goal[/li][li]3" Colson wheels and 2" Polyurethane tubing, driven by BAG motor in 15:1 Versaplanetary gearbox[/li][/ul]
[li]Shooter[ul][/li][li]Articulating cannon, driven by 2 BAG motors with 700:1 reduction[/li][li]2 sets of 2 blue BaneBots shooter wheels, driven by 775 Pros in 3:1 reduction[/li][li]PID control, with setpoints for shots from the Outer Works, the Batter, and the Spy Box[/li][li]Ball cradle is pneumatically actuated to feed the ball consistently into the cannon wheels[/li][li]High goal shot from the outer works, batter, and anywhere in between[/li][/ul]

Dragon Queen will be competing at the Columbus District Event and the Albany District Event in the Peachtree District.

Team 1648 is sponsored by: Atkins Global Engineering, GE Volunteers, Women In Transportation Atlanta, Women in Technology, Grady High School PTSA, Comcast NBC, Equipment Controls Company, Factory Automation Systems, Best Buy Community Grants, Candler Park Neighborhood Association, Council of Minority Transportation Officials, Epps Aviation, In-town ACE Hardware, Kennesaw State University, Novelis, Georgia Tech Invention Studio, and Grady High School

Team 1648 would like to especially thank Team 2415, The Wiredcats for their machining resources.

Looks pretty good! Loving the 10 wheel drive

Those final photos are definitely awesome to see.

Looks great. You guys have really come a long way. Can’t wait to play with you guys this weekend.

Hoping to play along side this robot more than we do against it this weekend.

Looking forward to seeing it in action.