Team 1658 practice + bonus basketball!


Some defenses and shooting high goals:

Basketball round two:

Basketball round three:

It’s naked!

looks good!

How do the serve modules handle the impacts from driving over the defenses ?

With all the abuse we put them under so far, they seem to be handling just fine. If you look at the picture you can see we have wedges which transfer all the force into the frame of some obstacles like rock wall and ramparts but for the lower ones like rough terrain and moat it helps that we took the inner tubes out so most of the impact force will be dampened by the very compliant tires. So far we haven’t had an issue and we don’t expect it to be an issue either.

We do only have half inch round stainless steel vertical shafts for steering the swerve modules so the potential is there for those to get bent with enough force but it doesn’t look like a typical game will come anywhere near the force required to do that but it’s certainly possible. Like everything else with FRC bots it’s a tradeoff and we thought this was a worthwhile pursuit as an offensive scoring robot to be able to out menouver any potential defense bots