Team 166 2011 Chassis

After 4 weeks of building we finally got our chassis working (driving) today. I recorded 2 videos of us testing it and posted them to youtube.
We also did a speed test and found that its speed is about 7-8 feet per second.
Here are the links:
We don’t have our manipulator on because we are waiting on more 8020 to finish it.

wheres the safety glasses???

Well I had a pair on but I guess some team members didn’t, which is strange because everyone that’s in the shop is supposed to have safety glasses on at all times.

lol ya you should check that before uploading a video…it just makes you team look bad

Yes I should have but I could not get any other videos because the robot had stopped working for the rest of the day after these 2 videos. (but its working now)

Looks good, guys! Being able to strafe, in particular, will likely be useful when scoring this year! Looking forward to seeing you at GSR! :slight_smile:

We got the elevator and gripper attached* today!

  • attached is different than functional