Team 166 Drive Test 2012

This is the first drive test of our 2012 robot. At the moment its missing its ball collection and shooter mechanisms as they are still being made, it does have part of our bridge manipulator mounted though. We also borrowed the electrical board from another robot to make it drive. In its current form it weighs just over 65 pounds. We are using cimple transmissions for drive with 2 omni wheels and 2 high grip wheels.

Sorry for the shaky video, I was driving the robot so someone else was recording. I will probably upload a new one tomorrow.

Looking good!

We used a similar drivebase for 2010 - 2 CIM drive w/ 2 omnis and 2 KOP wheels. It makes turning a dream. :wink:

Best of luck on the rest of your build!

Looks great! When you add the extra stuff on it, please post a video (if you’re willing to). I’d love to see it!

I definitely plan on posting several more videos as the robot gets closer to completion. Tomorrow our plan is to get the real electrical board made and mounted. And I will be posting a new video tomorrow with some more driving, we recorded that just before we left so the hall was really dark (the school only has 1/2 its lights on during the weekend).

we now have our ball collection system assembled!
here is a video of it in action:
were using the Entrapption stars from 2010 along with a system of polycord belts as a storage area.

we also have our cimulators mounted to the shooter axels.
Here is a video of 1/2 the shooter spinning up:

at the moment it looks like the finished robot is going to weigh about 105 pounds! but that may change +/- 5 pounds or so.