Team 166 Final Robot Testing

Earlier today we went to our school cafeteria to do some robot testing and I recorded a video of us making a full logo on the top pegs. It took us awhile but we were trying to be gentle on the robot as it is ship day and the last thing we want is catastrophic failure. We just finished the seemingly never ending process of shedding 3 pounds from our chassis (we took off 5) just now. And I have just come to the realization that in just 1 hour 15 minutes build season will be over. It was fun, and I’m not sure what I am going to do now that is is over besides wait for GSR.
Here is the video:

I understand that you were just practicing, but remember to take advantage of your mecanum drive. When scoring the 1st and 3rd tubes, I noticed that you turned to get to the peg instead of just strafing to it. If your drivers don’t like strafing, I would suggest switching to something that is a little less susceptible to being pushed.

Looking good though.

Well at this point the drivers had had only about 20-30 minutes actually for drive testing, so they were just getting used to it, and we were REALLY trying to be careful with the bot.