Team 166 Parade Bot

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I recorded several videos of Parade Bot at a demo we did in October.

In the first video we are just playing around with it.

In the next 3 videos we decided to try something that were not quite sure anyone else has done. We hooked up a robot battery to a power inverter. We placed it in a laptop backpack and placed a laptop, router and our spare joystick in the backpack and hooked everything up. We then took our other joystick and walked around with parade bot for about 45 minutes while controlling it with for lack of a better description a backpack control system.

Anyway here are the other 3 videos in order:

Oh and here is parade bot with the 2004 and 2007 Red Sox World Series Trophys!

By the way, the robot’s actually rather comfortable. (And if I sit any other way my cognitive abilities decrease by 20%)

We were having a bit too much fun that day…

EDIT: So yeah. “I’m not doing that again” at the end of Video 4. FALSE.

There are more pictures of Parade Bot on our teams Fotki page here:

Sooooo much fun right? We got our band guy to give us an old drum harness, added some L brackets and wood, and then put all the junk on there. Next version: mecanum couch!!! One person controlling the couch, the other controlling the robot