Over the past two weeks our fabrication team has been working hard assembling the KOP frame. Even though our actual robot looks nothing like this, we thought we would share with you what we have been up too, and there are also some shots of it on the game floor.


What is your electronics board made of? it looks kind of like metal.

very cool!!

Is this just an electronics/programming test base? It looks like it’s a lot of fun to play around with.

Btw, I enjoyed watching your camera go crazy :smiley:

Hellooooooo from the North East D
well it looks you have be very busy nice job. Maybe we will see ya in GA good luck this year.:yikes: MOE and team 88 TJ2

in the video it is a piece of sheet metal (aluminum) that we had scrapped. In our actual bot it will be lexan that we mount the electronics to.

This base was something to keep our fabricators and programmers busy. Our programmers are busy working with the new electronics system now, so by the time we are ready to mount them to the bot, they will know what they are doing!

Thanks For All of Your Support!

I also like how your camera looked like it was having convulsions!
It helps make the video more entertaining :stuck_out_tongue:

You need to change that immediately.

The CRIO has a grounded enclosure. There is a reason the instructions say NOT to mount it to a piece of metal.

Likewise, the camera has a grounded case.

Neither of these components should be mounted in a fashion that lets them ground to your chassis. :eek: