Team 1676 - 2013 IRI Mockumentary

After our ‘301+’ view success on our 2013 FRC World Championship ‘Mockumentary’, we decided to make one for the 2013 IRI as well, and after almost seven months of delay and 47.9 GB of video footage, it’s finally published.

Though we finished with a 6-3 record and didn’t get picked for eliminations, we had an amazing time getting to hang out with some other awesome teams, and even got to interview the great Andy Baker himself. While we didn’t win any awards, we might have won the award for best transportation, if there were one ;).

So, if you want to check it out when you’re not busy finishing up building your robot, here it is: **2013 IRI ‘Mockumentary’. **It’s not the shortest of videos, but if you have some time I’d recommend watching it until the end :rolleyes:.

Thanks so much to Andy Baker, Amanda Morrison, Matt Fultz, Liz Smith, Mike Rizzo, FRC Team 11, FRC Team 67, FRC Team 1640, and the rest of FRC Team 1676 for making this happen. And most of all, a HUGE thank-you to the Abrams Family for donating their gracious transportation.

If you want to check out the rest of our 2013 IRI Videos, including our match videos, GoPro compilation videos of Team’s 67 and 1640, and headmount footage of Amanda, Matt, Liz, and Rizzo, check our our full playlist here: Team 1676 2013 IRI Playlist!

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On mobile, right? Figured that would happen due to music. Should be fine on computers, though.

Both Videos worked fine for me.

They were also really good.