Team 1676 Animation Teaser

Visit our team website and check our 2007 Autodesk Visualization Submission teaser. The actually animation is “Coming soon to regionals near you.” :cool:

Please Note that the site may take a few seconds to load up, due to the video being on the main page. If you are running IE 6 it may lock up… works well on IE 7 and on Firefox 2.

Is that… rap music I hear?
That’s an automatic -10 point penalty.

I’m not a big fan of the music, but I like how the animation syncs up with it well. Looks interesting.

I second the motion! :smiley:

Wow, you guys ARE highschool students, right? That was the single most impressive animation I’ve seen in quite some time. Amazing, simply stunning.


P.S. The rap is the only bad thing, so the motion is passed.

I like the rap.

The animation teaser is smooth - the rap adds an edge.

It works for me.

Good stuff 1676

EDIT: just in case - just a friendly reminder to make sure you follow the copyright information for the AVA from FIRST/Autodesk:
Animations that use copyrighted music without written permission from the legal copyright owner will be disqualified.


Yo, really good job guys, let me know what you’re doing about that song.

Matt -

Probably gonna create something similar, but not the same by ourselves. One of this year’s team members has his own recording studio :wink: