Team 1676 in Memorial Day Parades

Every year, Team 1676 participates in two parades during Memorial Day Weekend, one in River Vale N.J. on Saturday and one in Hillsdale N.J. on Memorial Day (Monday). As we’ve done in years past, we attached a GoPro to a PVC structure we call the “Pirates’ Mast” on our robot cart, which either team banners or American flags hang from. It might have been almost two months ago, but we finally got the footage uploaded.

To make stacking totes a bit more exciting for the public, we converted one of our yellow autonomous totes into a driveable robot, which we had drive the parade route along with our actual 2015 robot, Reaper. Reaper was able to stack gray totes on top of our Tote-bot, which would then drive away and repeat. We also filled one of the gray totes with candy, which the Tote-bot would deliver to kids on the side of the road. For safety reasons, we disabled Reaper’s namesake scythes for the parade.

We had a great reception by the parade audience, and always love being able to go out and connect with our extremely supportive community. Here is the GoPro footage that we recorded during this year’s parades:
[li]River Vale Parade 2015[/li][li]Hillsdale Parade 2015[/li][/ul]