Team 1676 minibot

This isn’t a speed run or anything, it’s just something we filmed and I though I’d throw it up for everyone to check out.

What propels the minibot down the shaft while it’s deploying?

Looks awesome!

There’s a switch on the top that inverts one of the motors. The nice thing about that minibot/deployment is that it works 10/10 times when we have a few seconds before the end game to get to the poll. I’d say it works about 5/10 if we just gun it eg: at 7 seconds from the other side of the field.

Gravity. We short one motor out to slow the minibot down.

Or do you mean what propels it from the robot to the pole? Latex tubing.

It looks nice and speedy Don :rolleyes:

Can’t wait to hang out with the Pioneers very soon.

great deployment system.