Team 1676 Proudly Presents: C-3πO (2020)

In honor of Pi Day, Team 1676, The Pascack Pi-oneers, proudly presents our 2020 robot: C-3πO!

As with most other teams, the past several days have been a roller-coaster for the Pascack Pi-oneers. Last Friday, we were learned that the Mount Olive District Event was cancelled just two hours before load-in was scheduled to begin. And then, well, you know the rest…

Nonetheless, even with the dismay and uncertainty out in the world right now, we’d still like to celebrate the remarkable accomplishments that our team has achieved during our 2020 Build Season. For the past 70 days our students have worked together day and night, and what makes the current circumstances just a little bit more disappointing is that C-3πO may just be our best robot yet. But, don’t be mistaken. This robot WILL compete - we’ll make sure of it.

To all of our magnificent students, especially our amazing seniors, you should be incredibly proud of everything you’ve accomplished, not just this season but each and every year you’ve been a part of our team. A team is only as good as the sum of its parts, and the reason our team succeeds is because of all of you. Thank you for all the fantastic laughs, smiles, and memories, and we can’t wait to get the chance to show the world, yourselves included, just what
C-3πO really can do. You’ve earned that, and we’ll be sure to see it through. While we don’t quite yet know exactly when that moment will be, whenever it is, we’ll be ready. #LetsGoLetsGo


This robot looks great! Thank you for sharing it.

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Thanks, Dave! Looking forward to the eventual day that this bot touches carpet for real.

I’m curious about pistons. As of our team, I’ve only learned to use the back end or middle to mount onto something solid (superstructure or the like), and the shaft end is to push or pull on a moving part (the shooter hood would be a great example for this). On this robot however, i see the pistons inverted so the back end is on the moving part (the intake), and the shaft is on the superstructure. Is there a benefit to mount it this way?

Love the timing in this video! The part in the beginning where the shots lined up with the clapping in the song was one of my favorite robot video moments from this season. Great video and a great robot!

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Lower chance of damaging the rod end on impact?

Typically you want to design intakes to try and not extend the actual actuator outside the frame perimeter if possible. Or, use ball joint rod ends to avoid damaging the actuator.

I did not think about that. My theory was the extar but slim weight of the piston shaft cpuld also help the intake drop down.

Thank you

Thanks Andrew! To me, the audio of a video is just as important as the actual visuals themselves. Fun Fact: the synchronization of accompanying music with the actions on screen is a technique called Mickey Mousing!

Once Mt. Olive got cancelled, we knew the remainder of the season was questionable at best. So, we spent that last Sunday before the quarantine filming what I consider by far our best reveal video yet. But, we’re looking forward to the day that C-3πO hits the carpet for real!

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