Team 1676 Shop Clean-up Footage

This past Monday and Tuesday, FRC Team 1676, The Pascack Pi-oneers, had our (desperately needed) annual before-Kickoff shop clean-up. Two videos were made for our YouTube Channel during the clean-up:

The first video is a timelapse of the two days, with pictures taken every 10 seconds on a GoPro Hero3 and shown for .05 seconds each:

During our shop clean-up, we threw away a lot of miscellaneous items we had accumulated throughout the years, including all of our regolith (let’s hope we NEVER need that again…) and a few small signs from past FRC Championships. However, realizing that these flat materials made perfect sleds, we were able to ‘recycle’ our trash and embrace Tuesday’s snowfall, creating a second video in the process:

Enjoy, and best of luck in the 2014 season! :smiley:

P.S. You can also check out the new promo for our YouTube Channel as well! :wink:

Nice lab. Jealous that you guys have so much dedicated space

Missed a spot:D

Do you guys do windows :rolleyes:

No, all the student laptops are MacBooks, so I guess OSX…:stuck_out_tongue:

I gave the students one simple task:

  1. Grab something and put it in its place.
    (If something did not yet have a place, make one, then start at 1.)

It doesn’t look like we did all that much, but the big things we got done was an emptying of all the storage bins, and finding places for many, many things.

We got a big storage cabinet and put tons of stuff in bins. Many bins are even labeled now! We also learned that we have lots and lots of bearings. Oh my, yes.

What you are seeing is the back half of the old auto shop. We get to use it and two small storage rooms (you can see one in the back left) during the school year, over the summer administration uses it for storage. We also get to use regular classrooms for ‘clean’ work (programming for example), and the Technology Ed classroom (and its computers, workbenches, saws, sanders and lathe) for semi-clean work. The large spaces really help - our team started the year with about 120 students, and we should have around 80 on Kickoff (a few get lost or don’t put in the team hours).

Thanks Ryan!