Team 1676 Teaser - 2013

Just a teaser for now…We weren’t able to film footage before bagging, but hopefully during our 6 hours of our out-of-the-bag time before our first MAR District we’ll be able to get material for a release video. So no Mike and Justin Premiere Night for us unfortunately =/. This will have to tie you over until then!

Is anyone else getting a broken picture link?

It’s showing up for me…I’ll try to fix it for you, though.

EDIT: Does it work now?

Hmmm…clearly this is a floor intake ::rtm::

And clearly both this and the wheel have VexPro tread…so clearly it must be a fully VexPro robot :smiley:

Works for me.

Works perfectly. Thanks!

I devise that this mechanism can suck in the trackballs and reverse to launch them over the overpass. Just a guess, but I think it’s spot-on.

I think you need more sleep.

No I think it’s to get the tennis balls out of the corn, but nice try.