Team 1676's 2013 Robot - Sidewinder

Team 1676, The Pascack Pi-oneers, proudly present their 2013 Robot, Sidewinder.
Reveal video:

Competing at: Mount Olive MAR District Event (Week 4), Bridgewater-Raritan MAR District Event (Week 6), and hopefully MAR Championships (Week 7) and World Championships!


  • Weight: 112.2 Lbs
  • Length: 31 inches
  • Width: 24.5 inches
  • Perimeter: 111 inches
  • Height: 28.5 inches


  • 6wd, Skid-steer style Drivetrain
  • 6x1 inch Andymark Wedgetop wheels
  • 4 Cim powered (2 Per side)
  • “Swiss Cheesed” Drivetrain sideplates for a light-weight and strong drive base
  • 2-speed Vex Pro Ball shifters; Low gear for pushing and High gear for High-speed field crossing
  • Drop center wheel - 1/8’’


  • Rapid human loading from feeder station
  • Feeder station slide extends over bumper to aid in human loading
  • Ground pickup will be added on for Week 6


  • Single CIM 90 degree shooting
  • 6’’ McMaster-Carr pneumatic shooting wheel
  • 4 Disk Hopper
  • 3 Disk Autonomous
  • Adjustable shooter angles allow for front, side, and back of pyramid shots


  • 10pt. Angled Pyramid-Face Hang
  • Pneumatically powered to allow the hang to finish after the match has ended and after the compressor has been turned off


  • Camera and light rings assist in lining-up for shooting
  • Encoders on drive train and shooter for accurate wheel speed control

Nice work guys, can’t wait to play with you this weekend!

Looking really nice… See you guys at Mount Olive!!!

What’s with all the VEX aluminum?

The robot looks awesome! Great work as always guys!! :slight_smile:

looks good! 222 is excited to play with and against this machine!