Team 1676's Quarter-Size Practice Field

Team 1676’s quarter-size practice field is finally done! Unfortunately I was unable to get a picture of the finished product, but below is a photo from the nearly completed field, as well as two additions that we added on to it: the lane divider between the feeder station and the other alliance’s scoring rack, as well as the floor protector that surrounds the minibot tower. A few other notes: the tower in the picture is just used as a driving obstacle since our actual one is being used for testing upstairs, the scoring rack is attached to our driver station built last year, and the small piece of carpet on the top right of the photo is the full ‘Y-Split’ used for Programming purposes.

So, what are your thoughts? Any questions/concerns/comments?

Looks good…but is that a red circle behind the white circle?

Some accidentally got a white triangle, so maybe a red circle isn’t so unusual :rolleyes:

Older teams will understand where it came from…

If you couldn’t decode Don’s cryptic message, that’s a red tube from the 2007 game, Rack N’ Roll. :wink:

Yeah, my only other guess was Rack 'N Roll, but i was in 6th grade at that time :smiley:
Too hard for the untrained Rack 'N Roll eye to tell

Well, we all (or at least all of us students) have untrained eyes to Rack 'N Roll, since those who were freshmen during that game graduated last year. :]

Our team has a few old game pieces lying around, such as that tube, soccer balls, and even a couple Lunacy balls. I still haven’t found any of the track balls from Overdrive yet, although I’m sure we do somewhere; we held an off-season competition that year. I’ll keep on looking! ::rtm::