Team 1677 Video

Here is a video of our robot stacking a tetra.

Team 1677 Video: 17Feb2005

Haha good work posting

WOW, that is amazing, Specially for a rookie, that robot will have no trouble competing against one of the best. Kudos to your team! :slight_smile:

thanks for the response… we should be uploading a few more clips later… i might convert them into streaming flash to cut down on the actual file size.

Sweet, that was very fast. Nice driving and a nice robot. You guys will go far with that bot. By the way how high does the arm reach, it looks like seven or eight feet in the video is where it stops?

This video doesn’t show our bot at full height. At max height, the angle between the scissors will be a little over 90 degrees.

Well there are two options for this
with 7 links are robot is 9 pounds overweight and can reach easily 16 ft and strech up to I would guess 20 ft without much trouble

Right now we have 6 links and I would say 12 ft easily and 16 feet pushing it.