Team 1678 Citrus Circuits - 2013 World Championships Video

Team 1678 Citrus Circuits is thrilled to have gone so far this year, being seeded first and then winning the Curie division. It was truly an honor for our team to compete on the Einstein field against the best teams in the world.

Check out our Championship Highlight Reel on our YouTube channel:

We look forward to seeing everyone at Calgames and Powerhouse Pwnage!

An amazing video from an amazing team. Awesome job this year. It was so cool that you got to represent California on Einstien.

That just took me through every emotion from that weekend all over again.

GREAT video! Thanks again for choosing us, and being such awesome alliance partners.

Incredible video. Watching your team was one of the highlights of my weekend.

Great job Citrus! You guys have come a long way from having your first regional win just a few short years ago. What a fantastic season! Way to represent the Sacramento Valley on Einstein! We would be very fortunate to have an Einstein team at PowerHouse Pwnage.

Wow, as a fellow video producer myself I have to say that was bloody brilliant! Congrats on winning Curie, that final was intense!

Awesome recap! We are so proud of you guys and how far you have come in the past few years. You guys work so hard and are such an inspirational team. No uber fancy machining, powdercoating, etc… just a quality product that underwent a lot of prototyping and re-iterations that just hands down works and wins each year. Keep it up and get back on Einstein next year!

I really enjoyed the video. Without any sort of narration of captions it did a really good job of conveying the story.

I’m stoked to compete with you guys in the offseason possibly. You guys should really consider going to the Throwdown.