Team 1678: Citrus Circuits Season Recap Video

Team 1678: Citrus Circuits is proud to present this year’s season recap video which follows our journey starting at the Central Valley Regional all the way to the final official match of Recycle Rush on Einstein. Special thanks to Kasra Soltani Nia, Reese Woodard, and Nikita Seth for their work to produce this video for your viewing pleasure. Please like like, subscribe, and stay tuned for more Citrus Circuits content. Thanks!

Awesome videos, Awesome team.

It was awesome working with you at Worlds Ben. You have an impressive capability to learn and that will take you far in making videos. Reese impressed me again with his ability to edit a video that really shows what it is like to be on a team as high caliber as 1678. Congrats on the amazing season guys.

Check the description of their video to see more stuff from these guys. They really do a great job on all their projects.

I just want to say that you guys have an amazing program. That video is also an amazing recap of what teams do.

Awsome video! I think ur alliance was definitely deserving this succes.

I was wondering how it was possible to pick team 1671 so late in the alliance selection? they were so good?!

While i sit here trying to figure out how a 3x6 stack human player bot was the 24th pick on a division…

Don’t want to derail the thread… but

195 was an alliance captain on the division so I can attest 1671 falling to a number of things

  1. Cans- Newton was full of crazy fast can grabbers and everyone knew that they were necessary to succeed late into the day. 1671 did not have any means of getting cans from the step, discounting them to some.

  2. If you look at 1671’s performance through quals, it was completely unlike their Regional performance. I didn’t see all of their matches, but I know they were trying to get a three tote auto working.

  3. 1671, like 195, was very specific in the role they could play. Thus, they did not fit into every single strategy.

Nonetheless, the stars aligned for the World Champion Alliance and they were, without a doubt, lucky to get a steal in 1671.

This and the fact that 1678 and 118 got together their robots were already some of the best in the world with all of the special charateristics you need on an alliance to move into the elimination rounds: the fastest can arms, three tote autos, and landfill capabilities.

A lot of the comments going around that no one else on Newton scouted is naive and ignores the position everyone else was in being forced to scrounge for landfill or can theft auto bots and couldn’t pick a strictly HP robot in the first and second rounds.

Either way that shouldn’t take away from how amazing this alliance was! 118, 1678, 1671, and 5012 worked very hard all year to win those final rounds and still had more to show on 5012. Your season wrap videos over the years are incredible. Glad to see another one!

I remember someone at some point discussing 1678 as the “hardest-working team in FIRST”.
It definitely shows. Congratulations on an amazing season.

We were amazed they were still available, but then we looked at the other alliances. There were probably only a couple of other 'bots that filled the same role as 1671 in the alliances above us in the draft.

And we had one other very big advantage–both 118 and us had seen 1671 (us twice) during the season so we knew what they could do up close and personal. We knew specifically what problem 1671 was having and that the fix was simple–it helped that they were right next to us in the pits. Knowing all of this would have required other teams to both pay particular attention to 1671’s performance before Champs and then talking with them in the pits. That all can be a bit much to expect in a 75 team division. And finally, we felt we could take more of a risk because our prime strategy going into the draft was to rely on 5012 much more. Other alliances may have felt they needed more assurance. So the stars aligned in several ways.

  1. SVR != CMP

Awesome video. I’m amazed.

One question: What is the thing that your human player does with her hand after/while she lifts the chute door? Is it some kind of signal to the drive team?

I believe it is just to show that she is not touching the tote as well. Just like some human players put their hand behind their back.

That was my second thought. Thanks Mike

Yes, Megan started doing that after a regional where we were called for the infamous double touch foul. I saw a lot of teams doing this as the season went on.

Yes corrected. I was conflating two team #s when I wrote it.

That video is awesome. You guys are such a great team!

I want to hear that audio for the Corsetto scream.

Which one? There were quite a few.

Going into worlds, I wouldn’t have thought about you guys as giant contender to win. I knew you guys had a good bot but, you wowed everyone at worlds. By itself, you bot was great but not the whole talk like Simbotics and the Cheesy Poofs. This is probably a strong statement but, I must say you guy were the PERFECT match for 118. I’m amazed at the alliance that was put together. Amazing job to becoming world champs. Congrats and good luck in the seasons to come :slight_smile: