Team 1678 Triple Climb and Team 5458 HAB 2 Jump in Slow Motion 500FPS!

I mentor 2 teams, 1678 and 5458. Both teams pulled off climbs on the HAB that I am super proud of.
1678 with a crazy triple climb worth 36 points and 5458 with a Dukes of Hazard jump onto the HAB 2 platform.


nice Job! both are great!

Crazy to see the back wheels of the triple climb mech sit on the downward slope of the platform while lifting 3 robots, still amazed by the triple climbs at CVR…

I’m amazed about how flexible everything looks in slow mo. Almost like all the robots are made of jello.

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If you watch almost any of our (4272) quals matches from this weekend at IN St. Joe, we did a very similar Dukes of Hazard style HAB2 climb

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