Team 1678 World Championships Highlights

Citrus Circuits is finally releasing our 2013 Champs video. Last May, we put out a draft version ( but kept the more polished version for sponsors only.

As we head into the 2014 season, we wanted to share it with the community. Check it out on our YouTube channel here:

This is a very well done video. I like it a lot.

Wow, really well made video. I can’t stop watching it! It tells the whole story through all your competitions, and not just a bunch of robot shots.

An excellent video for an excellent team, robot, and season. You can really see the production that went into it. I especially enjoy seeing that gem of a robot do it’s thing with its sneaky quick intake and shooter. All of the reaction shots are pretty awesome too.

Brings back some great (and stressful) memories, but all in all I had a blast working with y’all!

I like madeon and great video production in FRC. Awesome job.

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