Team 1678's Gear + kpa auto

1678 is proud to present one of our auto modes for the 2017 season!

That’s scoring 1 gear and 35kpa in under 13 seconds.

We’re excited to see everyone at CVR, Sac, and LVR!

Oh my GOD.

Color me inspired.

oh… my…gawd

Year after year, your autonomous routines turn dreams into reality.


And the build season hasn’t even ended yet…

Holy points!

So close to the ranking point


Do y’all have a code name for this auton mode? I suggest “Lemonpunch” so we can name the auton we are working on “Lemonpunch-Lite” :wink:

If this doesn’t inspire teams to go above and beyond I don’t know what will. Awesome job guys!

How do I get my bench grinder to do THAT!?!?

Wow! :ahh:

I am beyond impressed! Amazing job!

To be honest. I really didn’t expect anything less from you guys. Great work.

Although I am quite surprised to see what I think is a passive gear placing mechanism. As far as I can tell, that’s what it looks like until the bench grinder goes away.

Hella sick guys.

I’m really not sure why people are surprised. I expected to see this out of the top 1% early in competition season.

Still very impressive to see.

I’m almost certain its not passive. Because the bot started moving away before the gear started lifting, plus you can hear some sort of pneumatic thing actuating right before and after it places the gear.

You’re probably right. I am just uncertain if it will be a floor intake or not.

Yes but I want to see it on a real field

Everyone start working on your auto hopper spill! Jk . Maybe. That is very impressive!