Team 1683 Techno Titans' Robot

Hi, guys, we are team 1683, Techno Titans from Johns Creek, Georgia. We just won the Peachtree Regional Competition along with Team 1466 and Team 1771. Here i will share our robot with you.

This is our robot, as you can see from this angle, our arrangement of wheels are really unique, our front wheels are 45 degree up, makes it easier for us to climb the bump, and our back wheels are actually 1/4’’ off the ground, so normally we have four wheels on the ground, make sure that we can turn easily, and when we climb, we have at least six wheels. This is one of the main reason why we got the creativity award at Peachtree Regional.

Another reason why we won the creativity award is the kicker. Our kicker could do short kick and long kick. We can kick all the away from the far field into the goal. In Peachtree Regional, we scored two autonomous goal from the far field.


Our robot is really good at defense, our robot can push other robot around easilly and we also can turn really well, and we can shoot from the far zone.

Since our robot is really good at climbing, we only need about 10 seconds come from the far zone to the near zone to help the teammates if the opponent robot in the far zone could not score really well.

Here is our robot, team 1683, Techno Titans.

And i will have some videos up soon…