Team 1683 TechnoTitans Automatic Shooting

Today at school, 5 days till Peachtree regional.

The programmers were testing their math and targeting. We just turned on the robot, and it locked onto the target and adjusted to the speed of the shooter to this.

Looks pretty good! Is that a spare shooter? Keep in mind that things seem to be quite a bit different at events as far as ball density and consistency. Also, things might change a lot when mounted on your full competition robot.

Be sure to take some time now to build adjustments into your code, including distance modifications based on how solid the basketballs feel.

Thanks, that is exactly what we did. We read the thread discussiong about how the competition balls are different, all our target finding and speed adjusting have constants in there where we can change easily.

And this is our real shooter, it is under 30 lbs so we kept it.