Team 1694 Giveaway

Thats right, get your favorite qualifying rounds, elimination matches, and award announcements on your CELL PHONE!!!

What you need to do to get this

Post the matches you would like on your cellular phone.

Make sure your phone supports video playback, has bluetooth or external memory/USB connection

Make sure your phone has enough space, around 3MB per match, some go upwards of 10MB (waterloo finals match 1, with karthik’s stories).

Come and find me or come on by team 1694’s pit, i SHOULD be around,

once again Thank You SOAP for letting me do this

well everyone, who wants some?

How are these being sent to phones?
I’m definitely in, but I’d love more information!

simple, you give me the matches you want on your phone, i’ll put them onto my phone and buletooth them to you, (you need it converted to phone format first, which i have everything done) or i can use a usb cable, and or a external memory card, (laptop has a card reader.)

well, it’s pretty simple but it’s creative.

let me know what you want, and i’ll give it to you on Thursday in the pitts

So do we post here what matches we want? If so, then I want Midwest Regional match #19. Or do we bring them to you? This is a great idea and it will make things much simpler when explaining FIRST to people, like my coworkers or even shoppers that come into K+K.

Post your matches here, and come to me on thursday, i’ll have them ready for you

Just letting everybody know, im probally gonna close this off tomorrow evening, because the Hilton charges $10 for internet a night, and i don’t wanna fork over that type of money for Internet access.

So send your requests in, i’ll have them ready on Thursday, stop by 1694’s Pit

i think it would be a great idea to have the game animation, that way you always have it on hand. does anyone have a copy of the simplified version that was shown at regionals?

Technically you’re not supposed to alter the game animation…there was some controversy about it after each kick off I’ve witnessed. A quick search on the forums will show that too you.

Well, if it was shown at regionals then wouldn’t it have been modified by FIRST? I don’t know what animation he’s talking about because I haven’t even seen the 2007 animation.

The 2007 Rack ‘n’ Roll Animation. There was some big fiasco about someone making a copy that could play on an iPod, but then they got permission and were able to distribute it. It’s all about getting the permissions to do it. It is FIRSTs “property” after all.

Well, it is the championship, I’m sure we could call team support or find someone there to get the appropriate permissions from. All most of us are going to do wit it is spread first by showing it to people.