Team 1700 is looking for coaches and mentors!

Gatorbotics (FRC Team 1700) is looking for new coaches and mentors! We are an all-girls team located in Palo Alto, California. We currently have one coach but are hoping to find one or two additional coaches to divide the workload.

A Robotics Coach is a paid position at Castilleja High School, receives an hourly compensation, and will need to complete the required documents for employment.

The Coaching responsibilities include:

  • Working with the student leadership team to plan/organize both fall workshops and team working sessions throughout build and competition season.
  • Mentoring, teaching, and guiding the students in building a robot for this year’s challenge (each coach is expected to clock about 10-15 hours or 20-25 hours per week depending on whether we employ 1 or 2 additional coaches).
  • Supervising and chaperoning the students during the build and post-season.
  • Traveling with the team to competitions (we usually attend one out-of-town competition, one local Bay Area competition, and the world championships if we qualify)
  • Training students in the safe and proper use of lab equipment.

A Mentor is a volunteer position. We are specifically looking for Mentors in the areas of mechanical/fabrication, electrical, and software engineering, and entrepreneurship to join our team.

The Technical Mentor’s responsibilities include:

  • Working with the team in our school’s robotics lab for around 12 hours per week during the build season. Our team meets on weeknights ( 6pm-10pm) and the weekends (9am-4pm) during most of the build season; hours are often extended later in build season and closer to competition.
  • Participating in an end-of-season debrief in May.
  • Helping to select next year’s student leadership team.

We are also looking for an Entrepreneurship Mentor, a volunteer position, to assist the entrepreneurship branch of the team. We are looking for a mentor to:

  • Give advice to team members on writing grant applications, fundraising, contacting manufacturers and material suppliers, and maintaining sponsors.
  • Guide team members on award applications.
  • Aid with the design process for team merchandise.
  • Help the team manage social media and design

For all positions, meals will be provided when working during build and competition season hours. Snacks are available throughout the year. Please contact us at for more information!