Team 1701 Robocubs 2015 code

Hello Chief Delphi,

I am Brendan Hansknecht, the head and only programmer for team 1701. My team uses command based programming in Java. This year we used the new AndyMark Swerve Drives and those where fun to code. I just thought it would be a good idea to open up the code to Chief Delphi for people to look at. Just a note, the code is not very polished but it works. So if you need example code to look at when programming swerve drive, you can look at our code and use it for reference(Specifically the TeleopDrive class). More importantly, If people could look at the code and give any comments or suggestions that would be great.

I am planning to work on making a small library for calculating the swerve drive math for any java team that uses swerve. If people are interested in this or have any suggestions then please comment below. Also if any team has an interest in this library, please comment below so I can update people when I get the library done and polished.

Without farther adieu here is the github with the code:
Also, it is an eclipse project and the bulk of the code is in this folder: