Team 1710 Build Week 2

Here is the next rendition of our ongoing build season update series! The video team worked hard on it. Hope you enjoy!

Very nice video. How many ppl are on the team? Looks like a lot! !

Thank you! We have 48 this year.

I wish we had that many on ours. What do you do to get so many interested?

Love the video! Looks like your team gets along very well. :slight_smile:

Our school district has implemented a different program at each of its 4 high schools, and our high school has an Aerospace & Engineer program which draws kids in form all over the city. In each of the 4 classes at Olathe Northwest there are roughly 100 students involved in the program. My school has a combat robotics team, electric car team, and a FIRST Robotics Competition team that students can chose from. We actually have to do an application-based acceptance to the FRC team due to the high number of students that want to be a part of it. We are really fortunate to have a district that supports what we do. We also do a lot of branding and outreach events at local middle and elementary schools to spark interest in our team and program. We’ll go to anything, from parades to basketball games!

Check out our website for more information and feel free to contact our CEO at [email protected]!