Team 1712 2017 Code Release (LabVIEW)


Here is team 1712’s code repository for the FRC 2017 game:

Some cool features of our robot code this year include:
Logging robot data to a file every 100 ms
Ability to read auto configuration numbers from a .ini file
Vision system that uses encoders and the navX gyro for lag-compensating aiming (Thank you, 254)
Global variables to hold joystick, sensor, and motor values, for better organized code

We are also experimenting with Motion Profiling & Pure Pursuit. Here is the link to our repository: Folders in the repository include:
VIs for generating 1D profiles
VIs for generating 2D profiles
VIs for testing Pure Pursuit on a simulated robot
A robot simulator to test the profiles and profile following code
A robot project for testing on actual robots

We also have a repository of VIs that we plan to reuse from year to year:

And finally, we are experimenting with swerve drive; our code is here: