Team 1714 MORE Robotics CAD & Code Release 2023 & A Thank You

Hey everyone!

Team 1714, MORE Robotics, is CHARGED UP to release our CAD model and code for the 2023 build season!

CAD Model: Onshape

Code: GitHub - MoreRobotics/2023-Code

This year has been an exciting one.

Starting with the Lake Superior Regional, we were ranked very high throughout the whole event and, in the end, won the event! Of course, we had our astonishing alliance partners, FRC Team #6045 Sabre Robotics and FRC Team #4011 𝝅pbotics (Pi Robotics), who helped us with that. Also, winning the Quality Award is a great accomplishment for our team!

Riding off that high, we went to the Wisconsin Regional, hoping to replicate what had happened at Lake Superior. Although we didn’t rank as high at the Wisconsin Regional, we got picked by FRC Team 1732 Hilltoppers and, along with FRC Team #8847 Milwaukee Cyber Cheese, won the Wisconsin Regional!

We were then off to the FIRST Worlds Championship! We had a blast participating in qualification matches with all these big teams we have always heard about. Our teammates also had fun going around the pits and talking to everyone! We were then picked by the 5th Alliance to be their backup bot. Although we didn’t make it to being division winners, it’s an accomplishment in itself getting to the semi-finals.

Overall, this whole year has been a blast! It’s been over a decade (11 years) since MORE Robotics won a regional. Never, in the years that we have existed, have we won TWO regionals in the same year! It also isn’t prevalent within the area of teams we are in (Wisconsin), even though we have some good teams in here.

Winning two regionals’ is due to our hardworking teammates and mentors, who have spent hours to make this possible. We also have other teams who have contributed to our success, to whom we must say thanks.

Firstly, thanks to all our regional alliance members who helped us be UNDEFEATED in the elimination playoffs.

Thank you to:

FRC Team #6045 Sabre Robotics

FRC Team #4011 𝝅pbotics (Pi Robotics)

FRC Team 1732 Hilltopper Robotics

FRC Team #8847 Milwaukee Cyber Cheese

It was wonderful playing with you all!

Secondly, we had A LOT of help with scouting this year, which played a big part in our success.

Thank you to:

FRC Team #6421, WarriorBots, for allowing us to use WarriorWATCH, their scouting analysis system

FRC Team #7103 RoboRemedy, FRC Team #7619 illumiBOTi, FRC Team 2177 The Robettes, FRC Team #6045 Sabre Robotics, and FRC Team 1391 The Metal Moose, for helping us scout at our various events.

Lastly, we are very grateful for being picked to play in the semi-finals by Alliance 5.

Thank you:

FRC Team 3339 BumbleB

FRC Team #359 Hawaiian Kids

FRC Team #2521 SERT

MORE Robotics will be at some off-season competitions this summer. Be on the lookout, as we might have added a “Fish” to our “Chip.” :eyes:

We all can’t wait for Crescendo next. Let’s hope we bring back three extra blue banners from Worlds next year :wink:.


Absolutely loved working with you guys! It was awesome to get 6045’s first ever Regional win alongside 1714 and 4011. I hope we get to play together again sometime soon!


Hopefully, we meet again and play again side by side. Loved with working with you all as well! :slight_smile: