Team 1716 forklift arm- preliminary design

This is a quick video of team 1716 Redbird Robotics design for our arm. We call it a forklift arm due to its movement. Please comment and tell what you think of it. We do not quite have our tube grasper working because we need to connect the pneumatics. The lift is a bit shaky but that is being improved. Enjoy!

You might want to add some supports to the base stage of the lift to limit the shaking. Other than that, it looks like it works pretty nicely!

i know its still sort of a prototype, but you do you that you have to start in the frame perimiter at the start of the match dont you?

It does start within the frame… the whole mechanism is mounted on sliders that are pushed out when the match starts.

As far as the oscillation, that is a problem being worked on.

we are always open to suggestions!

Sounds like a great design to me!

We have a similar design, but is stabilized by it being two pieces, with our grabber running as a sort of car in front of them. We call it the Elevator!

It needs more triangles. Although that may prove difficult if that’s the only part sliding forward… But the bigger the triangle, the less leverage the lifter will have to torque the base.

I’d put a diagonal support on the base piece of extrusion - you can put that diagonal support on a slider too!

I’m quite curious to know what you are using to propel your lift up. My team is using a similar concept, but we haven’t quite worked out all of the bugs (like how to store cord around a spool effectively.)

Couldn’t you just drill a hole in the spool, and tie a knot in string, so that it sticks in? Tension it with the proper amount, and you should have no problems with keeping it on. As long as you have some sort of hardware stop (ie, potentiometer, or limit switch), that stops your winch from turning when it reaches bottom.

That could probably be fixed with 2 cables. At the start of the match they could be loose then once the slide is pushed forward they become taught and act as trussing members. Just a simple fix that might be worth a shot =)

Have you tried it with BUMPERS in place?

Just to update everyone on the progress

Yesterday we finished our supporting frame for the arm and got it all mounted, and it makes mountains of difference. While the forklift does shake a bit at the top, it is nothing major like what you see in the video.

Winch: Powered by two window motors(on spikes). It simply spools the length of 1/16th inch cable needed, nothing simple. Currently there is no down-drive that is connected, but we do have one member finishing it up(much more complex than expected)

Bumpers: Like stated earlier, the entire mechanism is mounted on the KOP Igus Drylin sliders. In total, the entire mechanism slides from within the frame(in starting configuration) to about 2.5 inches outside the frame perimeter(and past the bumpers), allowing the final stage of the forklift to extend fully to the ground to pick up tubes. The whole system has a total draw of 11inches from fully retracted to fully extended with final stage on the floor.

Hopefully we can get up a video on Monday of the entire mechanism and how it works (a video is worth a million words).

Hope this helps answer some of the burning questions!


Thanks to all of the previous commenters! We have the robot mostly finished, and are much farther along than we were at this point last year. Here is a video showing our progress:

Our minibot deployment is also coming along well. We have built our core system and still have some work to do. Here is a video of that as well: