Team 1717 Teaser

After 5 weeks of extensive CADing we are finally ready to start machining parts, take a look.

We would have had it sooner, but our lead drafter cut off his pinky in a tragic ice skating accident, he says when he’s drafting its like moving from medium to hard in guitar hero.

Wow! :yikes:

I uh, don’t know if i want to go ice skating anymore…

Is that really your robot design?


Yeah, Why? is it not legit?

In that case, excuse me for my assumed note of sarchasm.

What motors are you using to run your fan? What are you using for a fan?


Methinks Qbranch is having his leg pulled. :smiley:

Even 1717 probably won’t be able to pull a fan off. How many “Wind Walls” worked during '06? And those balls were smaller than this year’s are…

don’t doubt 1717’s ability to be awesome…

If you do make a fan I want to see you at nationals :stuck_out_tongue:

Leg pulled or not, you’ve got my interest. Using this fan as a basis of calculation (since it fits inside the robot footprint), it actually could work.

A CIM motor puts out about 250Wo mechanical, comfortably. This fan standardly uses a 1hp=746Wo mechanical motor, so three CIM motors would run the fan at it’s full 8,400cfm rate, or 10.5lb of air every second at around 40mph. This means you’re providing a thrust of 85.164696N or 19.1457853 pounds force. AKA, THE BALL WILL HOVER.

Okay, now i’m too worn out to tell you how high, but I can tell you, it will hover above the fan.

I sooooooooo want you to do this!!! :yikes:


Oh yeah, MS Paint is my favorite CAD program, also.

Thanks man, you’re the best

Something like this just might work… but you will have to modify your Victors to get enough power. Check out the radical modifications this team has tried.

From a big fan,


Actually… you don’t have to… not if you use three CIMs to run it. When i did my calculations above, I used the output of three CIMs at 40A (at which point they output 250Wo).

Yeah, it’s 120A total, but so what? :yikes:


You jest so lightly after such a crisis?

Not only do I have a deathly fear of ice skating now (and I’ve been playing Hockey Since I was a child!), but one of my best friends refuses to acknowledge the event because she was so terrified after witnessing that event. Now my friends and family second guess my judgment about safety (since the entire accident was my fault) on top of not being able to perform the simplest of tasks… Do you know what it feels like taking a shower in a plastic bag?

I no longer feel like a full human being, much less part of a community, especially one that treats the event with such misplaced humor.

Good luck finishing the final robot without me, find another CADer.

I am pretty sure they didn’t use Microsoft paint…it just looks like a low resolution picture they took of the robot actually working. They want us all to think they haven’t even started…but they don’t have me fooled. Really good idea with back right wheel. The oval shape should provide a more stable ride over bumps.

Great design!


Haha, i don’t know what to do with you guys.

What are you talking about Ross, I think our design is fantastic.