Team 1717: Uncut & Highlight Video

Dear First Community,

We would like to thank everyone for a great robotics season. We had a great time competing at the Los Angeles Regional, the Las Vegas Regional, and on the Galileo field at the Championships in St Louis.

Since our entire team is exclusively seniors, our one shot at FIRST was not only extremely enjoyable, but educational as well.

Before we disassembled our practice field we made a short video that demonstrates some of the capabilities of our robot, as well as a short video that contains some highlights from our season. This uncut video includes a swerve drive slalom, a close up video from the perspective of a wheel module, a shot demonstration, and a series of catches from our human player.

We hope you enjoy the videos and thank you for making it an awesome season.

Thanks Again,

Team 1717: The D’Penguineers

The Team 1717 Uncut Video can be found here:

The Team 1717 Highlight Video can be found here:

May i ask what you guys were geared at for your swerve drive?
One of the best robots i see every year.
I loved your 2012 robot and this years robot so much.

One of my favourite robots from the 2014 year. You guys had a great season!

One of my favorite teams and robots from year to year. I definitely enjoy your videos.

Great videos! That was quite the throw/catch from the human player.

I too am interested as to what gear ratios you used on your main drive reduction. How often did you use low or high gears on the field?

Sweet! I saw some 4276ers in there!
Good videos, guys.

+1. I would like to know the gearing too.
Man, your driver is incredible! Those slaloms.

Easily one of the best, if not the best, robots in our division. Really enjoyed working with you in our last qualifier, our team really likes the way you guys approach matches.

It was great competing with/against you at the championship again this year. The two trips we’ve made to St. Louis we’ve been privileged to compete in the same divisions as you. Hopefully that will continue next season.

+2 would love to compare your gearing to 368’s

Our low gear was geared for 5 feet per second, and high gear was around 15/16 feet per second.

Are those numbers “free speed” or adjusted somehow?

I didn’t realize how well 1717’s robot was able to suck in a ball that was thrown in, even if it’s substantially off center. It’s an odd looking intake, but it certainly works.

I love the wheel view video. It made me want to do a swerve drive, but then I smacked myself.

My whole team absolutely loved your robot, and my drivers really liked your approach to pre-match strategy.

Now everyone on my team wants to build a shifting swerve drive next year…

I heard a rumour that 1717 cut all their own gears to save time or money. If so, are they still standard sizes and tooth counts, or is everything freeformed? What I mean is, did you have to make your own, or could you have just acquired them (without changing your CAD model). Did your team also design and fabricate your own pulleys? Sorry for all the questions… your drive train reminds me of this.

After watching the wheel view portion a few times, I noticed that the shaft and wheel appeared to be extremely sloppy, shifting back and forth laterally about 1/4" or more. Was this intentional?

I spoke with a member of your team in the airport after champs who was very worried about your teams future. He mentioned that you were loosing Amir and another key mentor due to the growth of the Dos Pueblos engineering program into other areas. He hinted that we may not see a swerve drive from 1717 next year and he had a very bleek prediction of 1717’s success in the future.

I have not heard/seen anything similar before or since this conversation. 1717 inspires me every year since we faced each other in the semifinals of Galileo in 2008 and was one of my favorite teams to work with during qualification matches at champs this year.

This cant be true. If that were to happen i’m not sure what to think any more i always thought of 1717 as one of the most stable teams in first. It would be very sad if 1717 were to fade away.

Nobody should panic yet. The future of 1717’s FRC program is in capable hands. The kids every year on 1717 are some of the hardest working in FIRST. They have a motivated core of mentors beyond their team leaders. It’s a mistake to count them out any year and nobody should count them out now.

Looking at the 2012 uncut thread, it looked like you guys were dissatisfied with the performance of the gyro with the drifting and whatnot.
How did you improve upon this system since then, if you’ve managed to do so?