Team 1718 Beta Seminar

Team 1718, The Fighting Pi, will be hosting a LabVIEW training seminar on Sunday, December 19th at the Ford Motor Romeo Engine Plant. The presentation will start at 9 A.M. and last approximately four to five hours. Our tentative schedule is to spend about two hours going over the basic structure of LabVIEW and how the different VI’s of the robot project work. The next two hours will be spent going over the major changes from last year’s LabVIEW, which now includes:

•Safety VI’s (Which are the replacements to the Watchdog system.).
•Autonomous modes (Specifically how you create an iterative autonomous, since Autonomous Independent is the only choice of a VI.).
•CAN (As of right now, LabVIEW has a WPI library for CAN Jaguar programming.)

This is a great opportunity for newer programmers on your team to learn, as well as an opportunity for the veteran programmers to learn about LabVIEW CAN. If you would like to attend the LabVIEW seminar, please email your team number and roughly how many people will be coming to ‘[email protected]’. The address for the Ford Motor Romeo Engine Plant is:

701 E Saint Clair St.
Romeo, MI 48065

We hope to see you there.

Anyway you could put the seminar on the internet for those of us who want to learn the material, but can’t make it up there. Thanks!

For those who are very interested but live too far away to justify the trip, will you be making the presentation material available on your website or on ChiefDelphi ? Please ?


Most definitely! After we make the presentation, we’ll be posting an internet version on Chief Delphi for those who could not make it. But since there won’t be a formal presentation to go along with it, the internet verison will be more of a tutorial, in order to cover what we covered in person.

Ether, I will be recording the presentations we make tomorrow. However, it may be an appreciable amount of digital video.

I admit to not being up on free large file sharing. Is there somewhere that we can put the files for free for download and link to here at chief delphi, that people have used?

We’d obviously like to get this out to every team we can: especially the CAN information which has been a major and Very welcome addition. Less cost for CAN cables, far better quality even when you make them yourself, positive locking in the jaguars, and multiple different types of monitoring. I’m fairly excited now that we’ve used it.

And it’s all built in to labview now!

Follow up in case it wasn’t obvious - this location is the Ford Romeo Engine Plant. There is a mirrored-window area in front of the plant with flagpoles, that’s where you’ll want to enter the building.

Let me know how big the video is and I might be able to get it hosted off of Metal & Soul’s webpage. There site is hosted at Capac HS and we have plenty of bandwidth and not much of it is being used over the winter break. I was hoping to make it over there tomorrow but have a family Christmas party that I need to attend instead.


If this doesn’t work out I would suggest using Vimeo. (Actually, I would suggest Vimeo in either case)

Thanks Tom.

I haven’t done much with large file sharing either. But Chad has generously offered to host it on their web site .


Thanks to those of you who were able to make it for the Seminar today.

It went very well - the input from the participants was excellent and I think we answered quite a few questions.

Attached are all of the powerpoint files (they’re like tutorials), as well as HTML of our CAN code and the Black Jaguar User Manual from Texas Instruments.

We were, unfortunately, not able to video tape the presentation due to technical difficulties. However, the powerpoints contain all the information that we discussed. Most of the time was spent actually programming labview and working with Can.

Please note that all the information in this presentation only applies to the Beta test and may well be out of date once it is released to all the FIRST teams.

Presentation (1.97 MB)

Presentation (1.97 MB)