Team 1718 Presents our 2013 Robot

The Fighting Pi proudly presents our robot for the 2013 season.

looking forward to seeing you all in week 4 at Grand Blanc!

Looks awesome! Will we get to see a higher ‘ascent’ later in the season?

Also, looks like most of the finalists from Waterford will be present, I’ll be on the look out for an exciting rematch :smiley:

Near the end, did you guys pick up discs off the ground?

We prioritized a 30 point climber out of our design in about the 3rd week. We didn’t (don’t) believe the risk versus the reward was right for our team.

We never picked up from the ground at Waterford. Since we shot our first frisbee 3 days before the Waterford event, we focussed on making shots.

We walked into that event extremely nervous about our machine’s lack of ability: we thought we’d see much more ground pickup and climbing. I guess this year’s game threw a curve ball to almost everyone.

Zeke - awesome job getting this out. It’s the first time the Pi have put out an ‘unveiling’ video, and you guys did a very nice job.

Awesome video! Can’t wait to see you guys at Grand Blanc. :slight_smile: