Team 1732 Pickup Prototype

We’ve finally manged to figure out a pickup prototype that works just how we want. It can pick up in any orientation and allows easy reorienting.

Here’s a video.

On a different note, are you guys planning on crossing the bump this year? Any bridge manipulators out there?

Oh my.

Do you mean the big bump with the tunnel underneath? We just figured we’d grab the tower.

Uh, am I reading something wrong or is this a year late ^.^

Or 3

We’re still figuring out how to get a robot to maneuver well with slick wheels on regolith.

My team was considering forgetting the balls and just going for the bar, it’s worth 50 points you know.

Be careful - you may get corn kernels jammed in your pneumatics.

Did anyone see a use for that doubler ball? it didn’t seem to fit in the goal :wink:

A floppy got stuck in our drive chain again last night…

I don’t think we need a mini bot.

The team I worked with last year also competed in VEX. They used a similar concept to pick up the cylinders. They implemented the concept totally differently but their “Lasso” got them a design award.